End of the moratorium on ”challenge cache” – nära!

Idag är det inte 1:a april så jag vågar nu återvända till challenge cachernas återkomst, men med riktiga besked denna gång från HQ:

Groundspeak Forum meddelas nu följande:

”Geocaching HQ is nearly ready to announce the end of the moratorium on ”challenge cache” submissions. However, a few details remain to be addressed. We will complete the process and present an updated framework for challenge caches within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we want to share a few details about one key aspect of the new framework. All future challenge caches must include a web-based challenge checker. At this time, Project-GC is the only website approved to host challenge checkers.

This is one of the changes we’re implementing based on feedback from community surveys. We hope that challenge checkers will make it easier for players to determine their qualifications for challenge caches. Additional details are available in this Project-GC FAQ.

When the complete framework for challenge caches is ready, we will share that information via the Geocaching newsletter and blog. Thank you for your patience”


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